Getting Up & Running

What to do with a New IBO

  • Tour Amway

     Tour Amway Guide
    Walk the IBO through the Amway website.

  • Amway Onboarding

    After the New IBO Registers, Amway activates a new Onboarding process. Help the New IBO start the process.

  • Set up My Shop

    One of the Onboarding steps is to set up the New IBO's My Shop. Help them set it up.

LTD Media & Messaging

  • Set up Media App

    Set up the LTD Media app via www.ltdmediateam.comFrom the Media app go to ‒ Connect accounts to access gifts received as Prospect

  • Set up Messaging

    Download the LTD Messaging app from the App or Play stores

Product Walk Through

  • Suggested Product Samples

  • Walk through a 100% Use IBO Home

    See and Sample products to get your own product testimonials to share.

Amway Websites & Apps


Nutrilite Traceability

XS Fitness Program

Artistry™Virtual Beauty App


Team Websites & Apps

LTD Team

Team ISIIron Sharpens Iron


LTD Media App

Apple and Android users use
Android do NOT download from the Play store as the app is just a link to

LTD Messaging App